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The Crypto market is a rollercoaster.

Which is why its crucial to have access to unbiased, level-headed market insights.

That’s why I created the Rekt Capital newsletter. You’ll get a unique, in-depth perspective that really makes a difference to you as an investor in the Cryptocurrency market.

The Rekt Capital newsletter guides you through the noise and helps you focus on what’s important.

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Macro Research (every Monday)
I share complex, cutting-edge research insights about the crypto market in an simple, easy to understand format. Whether that’s insights about Bitcoin’s historically recurring price tendencies or Market Cycle analysis on Ethereum - the goal is to offer you a unique perspective and incredible value.

Market Analysis (every Wednesday)
My focus is to offer you down-to-Earth market commentary. I keep you up to date on Bitcoin and the Market Leaders as well as share a variety of useful indicators and metrics that will help you navigate the market effectively. My aim is to lend a helping hand in this exciting environment that is Crypto and guide you in the market every step of the way.

Technical Analysis Sessions (every Friday)
Every week, I encourage Subscribers to share their requests on which cryptocurrencies they’d like me to analyse for them. I then pool these requests and host an Altcoin Technical Analysis session where I share my in-depth thoughts on as many coins as I can.

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